Friday, October 29, 2010

Problems With Man’s Best Friend

If you are a dog lover, there is nothing that can come between you and your pooch. You also know that dogs are not “dumb” animals and they have personalities and minds of their own. That’s why even the best behaved of dogs can sometimes get it into its head that it’s time to go and bite someone, often for reasons that a human cannot fathom. And while a dog bite can be painful for the person bitten, the problems for you can be far worse. You are liable for the actions of your dog and a person who is bitten can sue you. And the damages can, and often are, seemingly out of all proportion to the injury caused. In 2009, dog bite claims cost the insurance industry $412 million. That’s an increase of over 6% on the previous year. Since it is unlikely that dogs are becoming more ferocious, it seems to indicate that the size of the damages being awarded is increasing.

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