Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are You Covered Against Holiday Mishaps?

One holiday season is over but there’s a long year ahead with many more holidays to come. Maybe it’s because we are relaxed and let our guard down, but holidays seem to be a time when the frequency of accidents and mishaps increases. And something unfortunate happening on or near the holidays can not only ruin the festivities, it can have serious long term implications. This does not mean that you should lock yourself in a room on holidays – if you do that, what’s the point of the holiday? But taking a few sensible precautions can give you the peace of mind to really relax and make the most of the occasion.

A few precautions you can take

  • Check to see if your homeowner’s insurance coves decorations stolen from your front yard. Decorations can be expensive and there are always creatures of the night ready to make off with them. You can’t stand guard all night long, but if the worst happens, at least you are covered financially.
  • Holidays are a time for shopping and when crooks are on the lookout for cars full of shopping. Your home insurance coverage should cover you from any loss, but check it up. And if a break-in should occur, does your auto insurance cover the cost of repairs?
  • Christmas candles and 4th of July fireworks are major causes of fires. In the best case scenario, there may be some damage to the interiors of your home and to some furnishings. In the worst case, a home can be seriously damaged or even destroyed. While home insurance will cover the cost of repairs and replacement, it is wise to check to see if your policy is up to date and covers any new expensive articles you may have installed recently.
  • Holidays are party times but what happens if a guest in your home has an accident and gets injured? Make sure that your home insurance coverage is enough to protect you from liability claims.
  • Holidays are a time when DUIs increase. Make sure that your auto insurance covers you from expenses resulting from accidents caused by under insured or uninsured drivers.
 If you are uncertain of the insurance coverage you have or want to increase it or perhaps take out a new policy, all you need to do is call Allied Brokers at (650) 328-1000, email or ask for a free online rate quote.

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