Friday, January 21, 2011

Individual Health Insurance – Questions To Ask Before Taking A Policy

Group health insurance is usually the cheapest option, but often a group plan may not be available to not suitable for your needs. If you are not eligible for a group plan or find that what is there is not right for you, the option is to take individual health insurance. This is something you buy for yourself and is not tied to the workplace. And although it is called individual health insurance, it can also cover your family. Health insurance can be expensive so it essential that you get the right type of coverage – one that give you the protection you need but does not cause you to pay more than you can afford.
Questions to ask yourself

Use your answers to the following questions to help you define the type of individual health insurance you need.

1. What are your family’s health care needs? Do people in the family have serious allergy problems; are they asthmatic; is here a family history of diabetes or other diseases? If the answer is yes, your health care needs will be frequent. If so, make sure you have adequate coverage.
2. Do you want to keep visiting only your doctor? If you are not happy with being tied to an HMO, take an insurance policy that will allow you to continue going to your doctor.
3. Low monthly premiums or out-of-pocket expenses coverage? If you want routine doctor visits and lab tests covered, your premium will be higher than if you bear these expenses yourself. A good thumb rule to follow is the larger the family, the more routine medical expenses and so having the health insurance plan cover these is a good idea.
4. Are Prescriptions and X-rays covered? Check to see if your current and anticipated medicine needs are covered. X-rays and scans are becoming a common component in many treatments so make sure that your coverage is adequate.
5. What will emergency care cost? Look at how a policy defines “emergency care” or the equivalent terms and see if the coverage is what you need.
6. What if you have a preferred specialist? Many plans limit the specialists you can consult. If you have specialist that you are comfortable with and don’t want to change. Make sure that to plan covers this.
7. What about mental health? Most policies usually have limitations on mental health coverage. Make sure you are okay with them.
8. Do you prefer nontraditional medical treatment? If you find naturopathy, acupuncture and other nontraditional forms of medicine best for you, make sure that your insurance plan covers these forms of treatment.

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