Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Impacts Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Most people think that it is the value of a car that determines the cost of car insurance. While it is true that the cost of the car does have a major influence of auto insurance rates, there are many other factors which also have a significant impact. These include:
  • The Type Of Car. A low cost but high performance car may cost more to insure than an expensive but safer sedan.
  • What Kind Of Coverage? Simple auto liability insurance, that covers only injury and damage to other people and property, is the cheapest. Adding additional coverage gives you more protection. But it will also cost more.
  • Spending a little more to equip your car with security features like alarms, tracking systems and immobilizers will reduce the chance of theft and increase the possibilities of recovery if it is stolen. Installing these features will result in a reduction of your car insurance rates.
  • Location has a major impact on your car insurance costs. If you live in an area that is known to have a lot of accidents or where the incidence of car theft is high, you will pay more for your insurance.
  • Your driving record will also influence your premium. A person with a large number of speeding ticket or DUIs in his record will pay a higher premium than one who has a clean record because that person is presumed to be the safer driver. 
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