Thursday, January 27, 2011

What will Health Insurance Plan Reform do for you right now?

For many Americans, the health insurance plan reform can be a hard pill to swallow, simply because they are being asked to pay for their coverage through various taxes and mandates. Supporters of this legislation bill believe that it could be termed as a good investment plan and also help in reducing monthly premiums in the long run and the uninsured population. Stringent regulations on insurance companies will take effect as soon the President signs a bill into law. As a result, the market for individual health insurance will become friendlier to consumers. For those who are unknowingly underinsured, these regulations include a ban on lifetime or annual limits on coverage. Treatments for serious diseases have proven to be expensive for middle and lower income individuals, forcing some to bankruptcy. The government has decided to enforce this ban six months after the healthcare reform bill passes, bringing peace of mind to the uninsured and underinsured.

Meanwhile, those with pre-existing health problems who have no access to buying a health insurance plan and for young adults who can’t afford an individual health insurance plan and/or lack full-time employment with insurance benefits will be able to get coverage much more easily. The health reform bill has been a ray of light for many, as such a regulation will either lower health insurance plan premiums or increase the quality of care in the individual health insurance market. For those who are looking for the complete package which is affordable and meets their healthcare needs, Allied Brokers can offer you good coverage and much more. This full service insurance brokerage represents the leading insurance companies of the country, the range of insurance products it offers and its dedication to quality customer service. For information on the specifics of health insurance, visit or call (650) 328-1000 for a one-on-one consult. Maximize coverage and minimum expenditure is what Allied Brokers stands for and represents.

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