Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everything you need to know about Auto Insurance

You may be the proud owner of a car and can’t wait to hit the road with your new set of wheels, but there are some facts you need to know before heading out. Buying a new car may be the most gratifying experience with many advantages but it could also lead to financial risks. Auto insurance can help you pay for repairs, cover medical expenses or other bills concerned with car accidents. There are some insurance facts that need some going over and better you learn them here than on the street – after encountering an accident. A few things may have not been discussed by your agent like liability, collision, deductibles and comprehensive coverage before setting out the plan to you. Before deciding to buy auto insurance, keep in mind these few pearls of wisdom and then take the plunge:-

  • Spend your dollars wisely
  • Don’t just look at the liability, look at the coverage per person
  • Consider buying an umbrella policy
  • Keep a good credit rating
  • Shop around for the best policy that offers the right price and coverage
  • Take advantage of discounts
  • Ask about diminished value for your car
  • Understand the claims process when you buy your policy
If you would like to find the best insurance policy at the right market price, contact Allied Brokers for a free quote. This insurance company offers their customers the chance to choose the policy that suits them best by benefit of price and coverage comparison. If you are looking to replace your existing policy, please contact an agent today at the Allied Brokers Office (650) 328-1000 or visit www.alliedbrokers.com for more information. They will make sure that you get the right insurance plan for your lifestyle, at affordable rates.

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