Friday, April 22, 2011

Could 1906 Happen Again?

It has been over a century since the great earthquake of 1906 destroyed San Francisco. Although Californians are aware of the dangers of the San Andrea fault, are used to mild trembling of the ground under their feet and have lived through the Northridge quake, there is still a widespread lack of appreciation of the havoc and loss a major earthquake can cause. True, the news coverage of what happened in Japan in March did result in a few thousand more earthquake insurance policies being bought; but the number is just a drop in the ocean. Even now, 9 out of 10 homeowners in the state do not have earthquake insurance Even those who are aware of the devastation a major quake can cause are often under the mistaken impression that their homeowner’s insurance will cover them. It will not – a specific earthquake insurance policy is needed. Others presume that if natural disasters occur, state and federal assistance will protect them. These assistance packages are designed to help people cope with the immediate effects of a disaster and will not provide them with the resources to rebuild their homes.

Scientists say that it is not a question of whether a major quake will strike but of when it will happen. Studies predict that a major quake will hit us sometime in the next 30 years. This may sound like a long time in the future, but the key word is within. It could happen next week. Everyone knows about the need for life, health, auto insurance and all kinds of other protection. But to ignore earthquake insurance is to ignore the risk of the total loss of all that you have worked for. Allied Brokers has been meeting the insurance needs of the Bay Area for over fifty years and in that time we have developed an expertise in matching insurance needs to the right policy to offer the best and most cost effective insurance solutions. Click on to go to our website and see the services and insurance policies we can provide you with. Or just call 650-328-1000 to talk to us and ask for a free insurance quote. Ignoring earthquake insurance can be a huge mistake. Just ask the people of Japan.

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