Friday, September 30, 2011

Evaluating Your Business

Evaluating your business is an essential ingredient in financial reporting. The evaluation is used for various purposes such as an IPO, obtaining financing, calculating taxes and stock options and for legal issues. There are various ways of calculating your business’ value, but when it comes to business insurance, there are many factors that need to be added to the calculations.

Obviously you will take your assets and liabilities into account when deciding the amount of commercial insurance that is right for you. But there are the intangibles like your expansion plans or retirement which are going to happen but are now still ideas in your head. Or your plans for your children to inherit the business from you. All these and other factors which may not have a major role in a normal evaluation come into play when business insurance policies are being considered but also cannot be ignored. At the same time, insurance policies cost money and paying for insurance coverage that you do not need will hurt your cash flow.

The best way to go about getting the right amount of and right types of insurance for your business is to consult Allied Brokers. The company is a fuller service insurance brokerage with decades of experience behind it. It represents the leading insurance companies in America and offers a range of insurance products to meet all business and personal needs. Call 1-888-505-7988 (toll free) to talk to the business insurance experts or to ask for a free quote. Visit to learn more about the company and the company and the services and products available.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Life insurance is intended to offer financial protection to your dependents upon your
death. Obviously the greater the value of the life insurance policy you purchase, the more
security there will be for your family. But as size of the premiums you need to pay depends
not the value of the policy, a balance must be struck between managing your current cash
flow, liabilities, investments and the size of the policy you take. A few of the basic facts to
keep in mind when evaluating the amount of life insurance you need are:

• The younger your children, the more money that their care and education will
require. The life insurance you have should reflect this.
• If both spouses are earning, then each one should have a life insurance policy and
each policy should be adequate to cover the financial loss of a spouse’s death.
• If one spouse works in the home, that spouse should be insured for at least the
amount that will be needed to cover the costs of paying for the work that spouse
used to do.
• Even if you have no dependents and you have enough in the way of savings for one
spouse to live comfortably after the other’s death, there are still estate taxes and
funeral costs to be met and the insurance coverage should meet these demands.

There are many other factors that also need to be considered when calculating the amount
of life insurance you need. Allied Brokers, with over half a century of insurance expertise
behind it, will be happy to help you get the life or other insurance that is right for you
and which will provide you and your family the maximum protection. Visit the website at or call1-888-505-7988 to ask for a free quote.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Insurance As An Investment

Life insurance is usually seen as a form of risk coverage, meant to provide for dependents
upon the policy holder’s death. This is true in the case of term insurance, which is the
most popular of life insurance products and among the cheapest. But insurance can also
be a form of investment,which is where permanent or universal life insurance enters the
picture. This is a life insurance policy that is more flexible and offers both death benefits
as well as accumulated cash value that will come to the policy holder if he survives to the
end of the policy term. Additionally, the policy holder may borrow or withdraw from the
available cash surrender value of the policy.

The potential of receiving the cash value on policy maturity as well as the liquidity benefits
the borrowing or withdrawal options easy and makes universal life insurance an investment
option worth considering. Such policies usually cost more than term insurance of equivalent
value but the flexibility that these life insurance policies offer often makes the additional
cost worthwhile.

If you would like to examine the potential advantage of universal life insurance Allied
Brokers will be happy to help you. Our 50 years of life and other insurance knowledge is at
your disposal and our dedication to client service means that we will always work to ensure
that the insurance coverage you get is the best and most suitable for you. Visit our website
at to learn more about the insurance products and service we offer
and to ask for a free insurance quote. Or call us (toll free) at 1-888-505-7988.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Type Of Life Insurance Do You Need?

Everyone knows the importance of life insurance. It is meant to provide for a person’s
family in the event of his death. But there are two ways of looking at this type of insurance
and there are life insurance products that provide for both types of demand. The most
common type of life insurance policy is term insurance. In this case your life is insured
for a defined period of time. If your death should occur during that period, the value of the
policy will be given to your beneficiaries. If you should survive this period, the policy will
lapse and you get nothing.

The other option is that of universal insurance of which there are various types, which
contain an investment element and has a cash value. As in the case of term insurance,
if the policy holder dies during the validity of the policy, the policy value goes to the
beneficiaries. However, if the policy holder survives, then the cash element of the policy
is payable to him at the time of policy maturity. The premiums for permanent policies are
higher than those of term policies, so the cost and benefits of both options need to be
carefully considered before life insurance is purchased.

At Allied Brokers we have been dealing with life and other insurance products for over
50 years. During that time we have earned a reputation for dedication to client service.
We will be happy to discuss your life and other insurance requirements with you and find
you the type of insurance coverage that best suits your needs. You never know what
tomorrow holds for you, but with Allied Brokers, you will know exactly what your insurance
will give you and your dependents. Call us at 1-888-505-7988 to get started on getting the
insurance that’s right for you. Visit us at to learn more about us and
the services we offer and to ask for a free quote.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

When Insurance Is A Disaster

The number of insurance agents who commit fraud against policy holders is growing. It’s a simple matter of collecting premium with no intention of paying any claims that arise. Insurance regulators across the country are warning consumers to be on their guard. One of the most common ploys is to offer seemingly great coverage at below market prices. People are being warned to be on guard against door to door insurance selling, high pressure sales tactics and TV advertising that involves toll-free numbers.

Collecting premium and not forwarding them to the insurance companies is another common tactic. As is misleading people by promising them full benefit health insurance coverage but delivering only a basic policy with the minimum coverage. Not having the insurance protection you need is bad enough but thinking you are protected when you are not can be disastrous. The issuing of fake policies is becoming more common and is sneaking unwanted coverage into a policy to boost commissions. Insurance experts also warn of agents who ask for cash payments and avoid giving receipts. This makes pocketing the money very easy.

The bottom line is that any offer that sounds too good to be true probably is. That’s why contacting Allied Brokers for your insurance needs is such a good idea. With 50 years of experience in meeting the insurance needs of the Bay Area and a reputation of integrity and client service, this is a company you can trust, to steer you in the right direction. With a focus on building long term relationships and representing the leading insurance companies of the country, Allied Brokers does not just sell insurance; it offers its clients the protection they need to secure themselves, their families, their businesses and their futures. Health insurance, business insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance – Allied Brokers will help you find and get the type of insurance coverage that is right for you. Go to to find out more. Or call (650) 328-1000. It’s the safest way to stay safe – in every way.

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