Friday, September 30, 2011

Evaluating Your Business

Evaluating your business is an essential ingredient in financial reporting. The evaluation is used for various purposes such as an IPO, obtaining financing, calculating taxes and stock options and for legal issues. There are various ways of calculating your business’ value, but when it comes to business insurance, there are many factors that need to be added to the calculations.

Obviously you will take your assets and liabilities into account when deciding the amount of commercial insurance that is right for you. But there are the intangibles like your expansion plans or retirement which are going to happen but are now still ideas in your head. Or your plans for your children to inherit the business from you. All these and other factors which may not have a major role in a normal evaluation come into play when business insurance policies are being considered but also cannot be ignored. At the same time, insurance policies cost money and paying for insurance coverage that you do not need will hurt your cash flow.

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