Friday, September 23, 2011

Insurance As An Investment

Life insurance is usually seen as a form of risk coverage, meant to provide for dependents
upon the policy holder’s death. This is true in the case of term insurance, which is the
most popular of life insurance products and among the cheapest. But insurance can also
be a form of investment,which is where permanent or universal life insurance enters the
picture. This is a life insurance policy that is more flexible and offers both death benefits
as well as accumulated cash value that will come to the policy holder if he survives to the
end of the policy term. Additionally, the policy holder may borrow or withdraw from the
available cash surrender value of the policy.

The potential of receiving the cash value on policy maturity as well as the liquidity benefits
the borrowing or withdrawal options easy and makes universal life insurance an investment
option worth considering. Such policies usually cost more than term insurance of equivalent
value but the flexibility that these life insurance policies offer often makes the additional
cost worthwhile.

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