Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Type Of Life Insurance Do You Need?

Everyone knows the importance of life insurance. It is meant to provide for a person’s
family in the event of his death. But there are two ways of looking at this type of insurance
and there are life insurance products that provide for both types of demand. The most
common type of life insurance policy is term insurance. In this case your life is insured
for a defined period of time. If your death should occur during that period, the value of the
policy will be given to your beneficiaries. If you should survive this period, the policy will
lapse and you get nothing.

The other option is that of universal insurance of which there are various types, which
contain an investment element and has a cash value. As in the case of term insurance,
if the policy holder dies during the validity of the policy, the policy value goes to the
beneficiaries. However, if the policy holder survives, then the cash element of the policy
is payable to him at the time of policy maturity. The premiums for permanent policies are
higher than those of term policies, so the cost and benefits of both options need to be
carefully considered before life insurance is purchased.

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