Sunday, May 20, 2012

California Dogs Behaving Badly

State Farm Insurance announced that California reported more dog bite claims than any other state. 527 claims were filed in 2011- a 31% increase from the previous year. The total amount paid out averaged $38,000 per claim.
The spokesman for State Farm did not have an explanation for the increase. Some speculate that:

  • California dogs are descendents of the Mexican chupacabra.
  • Left-coast dogs have an inherent disrespect for authority.
  • California’s outdoor lifestyle means more walks, thus more ankles to bite.
  • California dogs have gangs, which would explain why most victims were joggers wearing either red or blue shorts.
  • Budget cuts have forced animal shelters to lie about a dog’s sweet nature on adoption papers.
  • Agricultural pollutants have caused mutations, increasing the population of buff, tattooed, double-Y chromosome dogs.
  • Dog parks have become hotbeds of anti-human sedition.
  • California dogs don’t bite more, but California people sue more.
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