Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Realtors/Homeowners Watch Out For Open House Scammers

Do you have coverage if someone is hurt at your open house? Last month a realtor client of ours had this happen to her. A man distracted her during her open house, while his female accomplice made a beeline for the basement stairs. There was a crash and a scream and the woman claimed she had fallen down the stairs. She demanded that an ambulance be called to whisk her to the hospital. Less than a week later, the homeowner and realtor were served with a lawsuit claiming brain damage. We turned the claim into her liability carrier and they told us this woman had been paid $40,000 a few years before for the same thing. Who knows how many other insurance companies or realtors have been victimized by this predator?

Make sure to protect yourself with a general liability policy which covers auto accidents and slip and fall claims, as well as professional liability which covers the advice and guidance you provide for your clients. Allied Brokers can handle all of your insurance needs.

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