Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buy Local, Hire Local, Support Local: Say NO to Call Centers and Outsourcing

Time Magazine recently reported that Aetna, the US’s third largest health insurer, has partnered with Costco to offer individual health care policies to its customers in nine states- Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada- as well as lower co-pays for customers who use Costco pharmacies. Aetna says its Costco plans are about 5% cheaper than the individual policies it normally offers and intends to add more states later this year.

Insurers, financial firms and retailers are anticipating that millions of uninsured people will have to buy health care by 2014 under the new Affordable Care Act and have been experimenting with ways to attract new customers. Humana now offers prescription drug plans through Wal-Mart and Aetna has also teamed up with Best Buy to sell supplemental wellness plans. Health insurance has become the Wild West and major carriers will continue making land grabs at big-box stores.

Unfortunately, Progressive and Hartford AARP have also joined in on the commoditization of what remains a complicated and personal product. Service and expertise will soon be a thing of the past. Buyers beware- anyone who chooses a carrier based on price alone deserves what they get when they submit a claim that is not covered.

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By working with us, you are also supporting a local merchant that pays local taxes and rents, supports local charities and patronizes local businesses. Allied Brokers has been part of the Palo Alto community for over 50 years and although we won’t stuff you with mini quiche samples like at Costco, your agent will always be available when you need help.

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