Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dog Buries Itself Alive to Win Coveted Swag Bag

Last October, Peanut, a dachshund-terrier mix with a hard-wired grudge against rodents, managed to bury itself alive in the dirt below the deck of its owner’s house following an epic battle with a skunk. It’s not clear what enraged Peanut the most; the skunk’s arrogant “don’t even think about it” attitude or the humiliation of getting sprayed in the face, but in the end, Peanut dug so furiously that all that could be seen of him was one paw sticking out of the dirt.

The owner had to call the fire department to dig Peanut out, administer oxygen and rush him to the vet, where he made a full recovery in two days. There was no word on the fate of the skunk; however witnesses reported seeing what looked like a skunk doing an end-zone dance not far from the incident.

Peanut’s owners faced big vet bills. They also had to repair the parts of their deck that the firemen tore up to rescue their dog. Fortunately, they had a policy with Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance.  This claim won Peanut VPI’s 2012 Hambone Award.

The Hambone Award is given to VPI’s most unusual pet claim of the year. Peanut received a bronze trophy in the shape of a ham, a VPI swag bag filled with toys and lots of treats.

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