Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Reevaluate your Home Insurance for 2019

The year 2018 was one of the worst on record for California, in terms of wildfires, floods and other such natural disasters. Although residents of the state were unprepared for what had happened, it was not unexpected for the experts.

Over a decade ago, climate scientists had predicted weather extremes, and had warned that their consequences would gradually become a way of life in the state. Unfortunately, the speed at which the changes have occurred has taken them by surprise. Not to speak of the speed it happened, the fact is that California is now a state with a volatile climate.

According to the experts, the incidence of wildfires and floods will keep increasing in the future. What residents have seen over the last 10 years is what they can expect in a short spell from now on.

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Floods and fires work together

Climate experts say that the floods and wildfires have formed a partnership where one contributes to the growth of the other. This may sound strange to most people who have seen that fire and water do not go together. However, it is a fact that heavy rains and flood lead to rapid proliferation of plant life – from weeds and wildflowers to shrubs and trees.

When the weather turns hot and the air becomes drier, the plants also dry up and become tinder, waiting for a spark to ignite. When the fire does start, the huge amount of fuel that is available ensures they are big ones. After the fire is finally over, the deforested land loses its ability to retain water. Consequently, the next rains will have a greater potential for causing floods. So the cycle goes on and on.

There’s more

Expanding communities mean that the extent of land used for human occupation is increasing. In other words, more and more people put themselves in harm’s way. If an established town like Paradise can be destroyed, think of what could happen to new property developments, which change radically the landscape of the state.

Protection is paramount

For the California homeowner, the questions of climate change and its causes are indeed serious issues. However, their immediate priority is protection of their homes and families from the unquestionable trends of big risks from wildfires, floods and other disasters.

Recent studies have shown that a frighteningly large number of homeowners are uninsured; even among those who do have insurance, the coverage is not adequate to meet the possible repair and rebuilding costs. It is not just the loss of a home and belongings, there is also the matter of the huge cost of having a place to live until the home is available again.

The need for proper home insurance has never been as critical as it is now, and the necessity increases with each passing year. If you are unsure about the amount of home insurance you have and whether it will cover the potential loss from floods and wildfires, and other disasters, contact an expert insurance broker for a fresh coverage evaluation and advice on additional protection needed.

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