Sunday, October 31, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s odd that one of one of the biggest fears among homeowners is that of fire damaging or destroying their homes. It’s not that fire is not dangerous or that it cannot reduce a home to ashes, but that it is not the most common source of home damage. Recent studies have shown that water is nearly 10 times more likely to damage a home than fire. While there are innumerable articles and websites dealing with the subject of protecting a home from fire, there are far less on the subject of preventing water damage. Of course, a home insurance policy will cover water damage, but prevention is always better than repair. The danger with water damage is that it often starts small and goes on unnoticed for a long time until the damage has assumed serious proportions. Your homeowners insurance will pay for the repairs, but nothing will save you from the hassles and disruption to your home that the repairs will cause.

At Allied Brokers we aim to make life easier for our clients. We will work with you to provide you the kind of home insurance coverage you need, so that should water or any other type of damage occur, you are protected. But while we will provide you with financial protection, we know that repairs can be a pain. So here are some tips that should help you to stop the problem from arising. Bathroom leaks are easy to spot, but these are areas that are often overlooked.

  • Check the drain lines on your air conditioning units
  • Check your washing machine hoses regularly end even if there are no leaks, replace them every 5 years
  • Check behind your refrigerator every few months for ice machine connections that may be leaking
  • Check for leaking plumbing around water heaters. If possible shift the installation to areas with flood drains.
At Allied Brokers, not only will be provide you with the right homeowners insurance coverage, we will help you to ensure that the possibilities of making a claim are minimized. Go to to learn more.

Save With Life Insurance

Most people look at life insurance as a means to protect their families from financial difficulties in the event of their deaths and the consequent loss of income. The quantum of insurance that is taken that is taken is usually based on the expected future financial needs of the family and may be limited by the amount of premium that can be paid. The problem with this concept of insurance, known as Term Life Insurance, is that at the end of each policy period, if the insured person is still alive, the money paid as premiums is gone. While Term Policies are the most popular form of life insurance, it will be wise to look at Universal Life Insurance as a means of providing financial protection to a family while at the same time adding to your savings.
The insurance premiums for Universal Life will be higher than at of a Term policy of the same value. In the case of the death of the insured, the insured amount will be given to the nominees, just as with the Term Policy. But unlike a Term Policy, in the case of a Universal Policy, if the insured survives the policy period, the amount paid as premiums along with accumulated interest, is given back to the insured. Additionally, a Universal Policy offers the benefits of flexible payment terms and premium amounts and well as allowing the policy holder to borrow or withdraw from any available cash value. A Universal Life Insurance policy is not for everyone – it depends on the family’s financial position, savings and assets. It’s best to get expert guidance when deciding on the type of insurance you should take. At Allied Brokers, we have been helping our clients find the right insurance for their needs for over 50 years. Call us at (650) 328-1000 or email and we’ll be happy to talk to you, understand your insurance needs and advise you on what is best for you. Visit our website to learn about the range of insurance products we offer. Or click here to ask for a free quote.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Problems With Man’s Best Friend

If you are a dog lover, there is nothing that can come between you and your pooch. You also know that dogs are not “dumb” animals and they have personalities and minds of their own. That’s why even the best behaved of dogs can sometimes get it into its head that it’s time to go and bite someone, often for reasons that a human cannot fathom. And while a dog bite can be painful for the person bitten, the problems for you can be far worse. You are liable for the actions of your dog and a person who is bitten can sue you. And the damages can, and often are, seemingly out of all proportion to the injury caused. In 2009, dog bite claims cost the insurance industry $412 million. That’s an increase of over 6% on the previous year. Since it is unlikely that dogs are becoming more ferocious, it seems to indicate that the size of the damages being awarded is increasing.

 At Allied Brokers we understand dog lovers. That’s why we can offer you personal liability insurance and other types of insurance coverage to protect you from the dangers of large financial loss if Rover suddenly gets it into his head to taste someone’s leg. Visit our website to find out about the range of insurance policies we have for you and ask for a quote. Our experts will be happy to work with you to get you exactly the type of insurance you need, whether it is to protect you from the financial consequences of your four legged friend’s antics or from any of the other myriad vicissitudes of life. Or just phone us at (650) 328-1000 or email

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Auto insurance Is Not Enough

You can’t take your car out on the road if you don’t have at least the minimum insurance coverage mandated by law. And since your car is such a valuable possession and is subject to such risk of damage or loss by the actions of others, you insure your car so that you are compensated should anything happen to it. That’s all well and good, but what happens if you injure a third party in an accident that is your fault? You may be the best driver going, but everyone makes mistakes and yours could hurt someone. And that could cost you big time.

Look at it this way. Suppose you were seriously injured in a car accident for no fault of yours and could never walk again. Most auto insurance policies offer a maximum of $250,000 of bodily injury coverage. Would that kind of compensation satisfy you? No way – you would demand, and probably get, far more. Now reverse the roles – do you think your car insurance liability coverage is enough to protect you from possible financial ruin if you cause an accident? What you need is umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance coverage sits on top of your existing insurance policies and protects you from claims in excess of what those policies cover. It’s the best and most cost effective way of getting the kind of additional insurance you need to protect you from auto and other liability claims. At Allied Brokers we don’t just sell insurance, we work with our clients to understand their coverage needs and provide them with the kind of coverage that is best for them. Call us at (650) 328-1000 or mail and we’ll be happy to meet with you to talk about your umbrella and other insurance needs. Visit our website to read about our full range of services. You can use the online contact form to get in touch with us.