Water, Water Everywhere

It’s odd that one of one of the biggest fears among homeowners is that of fire damaging or destroying their homes. It’s not that fire is not dangerous or that it cannot reduce a home to ashes, but that it is not the most common source of home damage. Recent studies have shown that water is nearly 10 times more likely to damage a home than fire. While there are innumerable articles and websites dealing with the subject of protecting a home from fire, there are far less on the subject of preventing water damage. Of course, a home insurance policy will cover water damage, but prevention is always better than repair. The danger with water damage is that it often starts small and goes on unnoticed for a long time until the damage has assumed serious proportions. Your homeowners insurance will pay for the repairs, but nothing will save you from the hassles and disruption to your home that the repairs will cause.

At Allied Brokers we aim to make life easier for our clients. We will work with you to provide you the kind of home insurance coverage you need, so that should water or any other type of damage occur, you are protected. But while we will provide you with financial protection, we know that repairs can be a pain. So here are some tips that should help you to stop the problem from arising. Bathroom leaks are easy to spot, but these are areas that are often overlooked.

  • Check the drain lines on your air conditioning units
  • Check your washing machine hoses regularly end even if there are no leaks, replace them every 5 years
  • Check behind your refrigerator every few months for ice machine connections that may be leaking
  • Check for leaking plumbing around water heaters. If possible shift the installation to areas with flood drains.
At Allied Brokers, not only will be provide you with the right homeowners insurance coverage, we will help you to ensure that the possibilities of making a claim are minimized. Go to http://www.alliedbrokers.com/ to learn more.


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