Health care could cost how much?

My friend’s husband who is in his sixties had been complaining about a nagging backache for the last couple of months which had been becoming progressively worse. After many sessions of acupressure treatments, massages and physiotherapy, there was no light at the end of the tunnel and the pain just seemed to be getting worse. It was all a mystery. Now, the weekly sessions of his beloved golf had come to an end and he was laid up in bed most of the time.

Well, after the backache refused to subside, it was decided to go in for a scan. The result was a complete shock to everyone. We had been more or less certain that it was osteoporosis. In fact, I had read an article about backaches in Readers Digest which said that one of the reasons for backaches could be osteoporosis. I kept prodding them to go in for an osteoporosis check. But no, it was far worse. Multiple Myeloma or bone cancer in layman’s terms was the horrifying diagnosis. It was in the secondary stage and the doctors said that it would probably have started two years back.

Well, life throws up unexpected surprises, some pleasant and some are cruel. We just have to take everything in our stride, pick up the pieces and get on with it. So, now was not the time to be depressed but the talk now centred around alternative therapies like stem cell treatments, the radiation therapy which has begun and the costs involved. Yes, all of a sudden, when you least expect, you can be slapped in the face with exorbitant healthcare costs. If you are not prepared or if you are not financially secure, your life savings can be wiped away in an instant. Health insurance can cushion you to a great degree in situations like these.

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