Dog Liability Insurance – A serious issue

Being an owner of a pet, especially a dog is a rewarding experience. Being man’s best friend, dogs are part of every family and share a special bond with each member. A good pet owner is someone who is responsible for his pet and for the society as a dog being an animal may exert certain type of behavior that could pose a serious threat to people around, especially children in your own neighborhood. Situations may occur which the owner might not be prepared for like a dog bite. Canines attacking strangers and bystanders are situations that are few of the most dangerous and risky stray incidents. These risky situations can never be entirely foreseen or avoided and this is when dog liability insurance comes to the rescue of pet owners. Its surprising that dog liability insurance isn’t a serious topic among people as almost five million canine bites happen each year. Almost one thousand people are treated in emergency rooms each day for this very incident. Yet canine owners are more likely to spend money on designer leashes and rawhides rather on indemnity protection that might allow them to keep their house in case they are sued. Owning a pooch can be a joy, but dog liability insurance better be on the list of priorities if there is any question about your pet passing Miss Manner's class.

The question you need to ask is if your homeowner insurance policy comes equipped with dog liability that allows you to safeguard yourself and others in your own neighborhood. Carefully review your master policy to see what's covered as there may be gray areas where you would require extra coverage. If you would like to apply for dog liability insurance with the best rates and privileges, you can contact Allied Brokers at (650) 328-1000. Their corporate website also provides a wealth of information for those looking to customize their insurance policy to suit their budget plan. Allied Brokers is an insurance brokerage company with over 50 years of experience in property, possessions, businesses and life. Their aim is not just to sell you insurance, but to provide you with the coverage and protection you need. All their clients will have access to a full range of insurance product options and will be able to find the ones that meet their needs best. They provide insurance policies for commercial properties, businesses, homes, automobiles, medical care, retirement planning, and special interests.


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