Health Insurance: Understanding What It Covers

How much deductible are you paying? Does your health insurance cover you when you are abroad? What is in-network and out-of-network coverage? Does your health plan include dental coverage? Do you know who is your non-Specialist (Primary Care Physician)?

You need to be very clear about the nitty – gritty about your health insurance cover to avoid finding yourself in any vulnerable position, especially when you are travelling abroad. Finding yourself with a health problem in a foreign country without coverage can be scary and traumatic.
Screenings for pre – conditions

That said, before taking health insurance it is important to be very clear about the various terms and conditions offered by the health insurer in question and most importantly about your needs. Probe your family medical history if there is high incidence of any illness in your family such as diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer etc. Check if the preventive services offered by the insurer provides screenings for your hereditary risks. Additionally, find out what are all the preventive services offered by the insurer. For instance, Medicare offers preventive services for Bone Mass Measurement, Cardiovascular and Colon Cancer Screenings, Diabetes screening etc. Don’t forget to check for deductibles if any.

Does your health coverage travel with you?

If you travel overseas frequently, you need to make sure if your insurer will cover you for your medical expenses abroad otherwise you may need to take supplemental insurance. It is also important that you find out if your insurer will make payment directly to the healthcare providers or will reimburse you later for overseas healthcare expenditures.

Seeking the advice of an experienced health insurance broker would save you from a lot of hassles and the broker will explain everything to you in detail.

But it is very important that you read the terms and conditions on your own too. Don’t just depend on a third party to explain the needful to you. This will preclude any unpleasant misunderstandings about the extent of the coverage in the future.

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