When The Ground Trembles

Californians are not strangers to earthquakes. In most cases the vibrations underfoot and the rattling of windows are shrugged off with a knowing smile and life goes on. But once in a while, things can get bad; really bad. In 1994 the Northridge earthquake resulted in $20 billion in property damage. Surprisingly, only about 12% of homes in the state have earthquake coverage. Many homeowners are not aware that earthquake damage or loss is not covered by a basic home insurance policy. Those who are aware of this lack of coverage often comfort themselves with the thought that they live far from the fault lines or that their localities experience only mild shocks which do no serious damage. But the US Geological Service says the Bay Area and Sanford “experienced large and destructive earthquakes in 1838, 1868, 1906, and 1989, and future large earthquakes to relieve this continually accumulating strain are a certainty.”

A major earthquake can never be predicted or prepared for. Do you really want to put your home and your family’s future at the mercy of the unknowable? Getting earthquake insurance is easy and can be less expensive than you think. Contact Allied Brokers and we’ll make sure that you get the cost effective earthquake insurance policy that is right for you. We have been in the insurance business since 1954 and we mastered the science of matching our clients’ insurance needs with the insurance policies that are best for them. Talk to us and you will know why our clients’ are so happy with the long term relationships we have with them. Visit our website at http://www.alliedbrokers.com/ to know more.  Phone us at (650) 328-1000 or email abcosales@alliedbrokers.com to get started.


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