When Your Teen Starts Driving

Every parent has nightmares when a teen begins to drive. Even the safest of cars can become a dangerous tool in the hands of an inexperienced driver. Allied Brokers is here to offer you the kind of auto insurance you need to stay fully protected when your teen begins driving. But we know that your priority is to protect your teen and prevent any kind of accident, and insurance coverage, although essential, comes in second. That’s why we offer you these tips to help keep your teen safe when he or she begins driving.

• Teens can irritate their parents in unimaginable ways. When teaching your teen to drive stay calm. Your anger will rub off on him or her and affect the driving skill.

• Allow your teen to drive you around as much as possible after getting the learner’s permit. Practice does make perfect and this is the best way to do it.

• The vehicle that the teen drives may not be new but it should be mechanically sound and clean.

• Whether it’s you or the teen driving, turn off the radio and talk about the hazards of the road and how to avoid them.

• Set a good example by always using a seat belt, avoiding using a cell phone while driving, sipping coffee, eating or doing anything else that could distract you. Insist on the same from the teen.

• Driving at night is a whole new ball game. Make sure the teen is a good daytime driver before allowing night time driving.

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