Squatters, Vandals and Thieves

How would you like to come home from 6 months in Baja to find your living room turned into a homeless encampment, your kitchen into a meth lab and your bedroom into a kennel? Worst case scenario? No. The really bad news is that you’re your insurance won’t cover it.

Most homeowner’s policies have a 30 day limit on vacant or unoccupied properties. When your house is vacant- meaning all furnishings have been removed- you usually lose coverage for vandalism, malicious mischief and water damage.

If your house is vacant pending sale, vacant under-construction or simply unoccupied, most insurance companies will cancel your policy and/or deny your claim. Look for the “vacancy clause” in the fine print. Since the definition of “vacancy” can vary from policy to policy, find out what your carrier’s conditions are for paying claims before you go anywhere.

Most companies do not offer policies for vacant, unoccupied or under-construction homes. We do, and we provide different term lengths- from a few months to a year- depending on your needs. Allied Brokers can solve all of your insurance problems- call us today!

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