Allied Brokers Supports Prop. 33

Current California law allows a loyalty discount if a customer stays with the same insurance company over time. The insured, however, cannot take that discount with them if they want to switch to another auto insurer. Prop. 33, the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, will reward Californians for maintaining car insurance, and allow them to take their loyalty discount to competing insurance companies.

Allied Brokers supports Prop. 33 because we feel it will level the playing field for consumers. As it is now, our clients who want to get a better rate cannot take their renewal discount with them when they switch between the 10 insurance companies we represent. If the rules changed, our customers could save big money. Putting your customers first is good business.

Consumer Watchdog opposes Prop. 33 because they think it will result in rate hikes for consumers that don’t have prior insurance. This makes no sense because this is already happening to people without prior insurance. Under the current law, they pay 20% more than someone who has stayed with the same company over time. Prop. 33 would just allow people with insurance to move freely between companies to save money.

Most insurance companies oppose Prop. 33 because they like things the way they are. Their customers are trapped. If Prop. 33 passes, insurance companies will have to lower prices and run a leaner business to retain customers.

Mercury Insurance is one of the few carriers that supports Prop. 33. Mercury is the most efficiently managed auto insurer in the world and they have the lowest internal costs in the industry- which they are able to pass on to customers as savings.

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