Health Plan Survey Cites Key Trends in Employer Health Plans

In spite of the passage of health care reform efforts, the 2012 United Benefit Advisors (UBA) Health Plan Survey says health care costs will continue to increase for both plan sponsors and their employees. The UBA is the nation’s largest independent benefits advisory organization. Here are some other trends in employer health plans:

1. Consumer driven health care plans (CDHPs) declined for the first time since 2007.

2. UBA Member Firms clients’ average renewal for all plan types increased 5%.

3. The average monthly employee contribution for plans with contributions for all plan types is $126 for single and $494 for family.

4. The average employers contribution to a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) was down from 2011 for a single employee and up for a family. Employer health savings account (HSA) contributions continued to decline.

5. 81% of all wellness plans offered a health risk assessment.

6. 91% of all plans now offer an unlimited lifetime maximum benefit compared with 81% in 2011 and just 16% in 2010.

7. 48% of all covered employees also elected to cover their dependents, a 1.9% decline.

The intent of the survey is to provide employers of all sizes with the data they need to manage their health care benefit programs effectively- according to Ronald Bland of AEIS in San Mateo. Ron is a full service benefits broker with 30 years experience serving clients in the Bay Area. We have worked with him for 10 years and refer many of our business owner clients to him. Since all group health salespeople have access to the same products, Ron provides extra value with his service, support and know-how.

Ron can be reached at:  office: 650 348-6234 fax: 650 401-8261 |


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