The "New Normal" in Health Insurance

High prices, no providers and lousy service

I want to apologize first and foremost to all of our health insurance clients for the deterioration of the level of service which we have been providing. The implementation of Obama Care (ACA) has been a complete disaster and it has thrown all of the insurance companies into chaos. The government failed to advise the companies as to what to do because they themselves had not yet written the rules. Because of this, the companies unfortunately could not advise us as to what to tell you, our customers.

Obamacare is driving up rates for everyone unless you make less than $45,000 a year and are getting a government handout sponsored by the taxpayers or have insurance but are being surcharged for a serious pre-existing condition. We do not participate in the Covered California exchange, as that is the only way you can get the socialist taxpayer subsidy and there is already enough wealth distribution going on in California without our help. If you are willing to pay for you and your own family’s health care costs, we are ready and willing to help you navigate through the morass that is Obamacare. We have the expertise to make the process as painless as possible.

The companies are in a state of chaos. They have fired most of their intelligent, quality people to cut the costs and are then replacing them with low paid novices that can barely spell insurance. The old Palo Alto landmark “Rudy’s Pub’s” motto was, ‘Lousy service, warm beer and cheap food.’ It was a kind of a cute takeoff on English pub humor.  The “new normal” for health insurance of ‘lousy service, poor provider lists, long waits, higher premiums, fouled up billing, and no one that knows or wants to fix it’ is simply NOT CUTE.

          Now that open enrollment is almost over, the rules and rates are pretty clear, although the companies’ service is still lousy. If you attempt to call an insurance company, you will experience a hold of one to three hours followed by your call becoming disconnected, transferred, or you may even be given wrong or conflicting information. You can avoid all of this by just calling Ron at Insurance by Allied Brokers today to guide you through the chaos for no additional cost!

“Not touched by human hands” has become our new method. If we cannot do it online or via mail, then it cannot be done. We have been able to learn all the new rules and how to get things done for our clients without having to talk to the companies. Please take my advice, and do not try to do it on your own. Without us to navigate for you, it is hopeless. We will use our expertise and genuine care for your best outcome to help you through this difficult process and get the job done!

Services we provide under the “New Normal”:
  • Signing Up
  1. Signing up for a new or replacement policy
  2. Explaining rates, coverage, and options
  3. Choosing provider networks
  4. Comparing companies
  • Billing and Payments
  1. We can check all of the companies online
  2. Change of bank or payment plan
  • Coverage and your share of the Bill
  1. Answers to your general questions
  2. Write letter to the companies contesting billing issues (Two month minimum wait)
  3. The best method is to skip the insurance company and contact your doctor directly on miscoded items
  4. Collection Agencies and your doctor and/or hospital are not getting paid on time so they are sending you to collections. Do not pay them; just send them your letter contesting the bill that we will have already sent to the insurance company
Let us help you get exactly what you want and need instead of headaches and wasted time that you will not get back. Insurance by Allied Brokers is the solution, YOUR solution!


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