Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to save money on everything

The road to a consistently expanding bank balance is fraught with endless temptations and disappointments. How to save is a question that every family or even a single person has to contend with at every step of the way.

If we could save some money on everything, then perhaps we could put away something every month. Well, is this really possible? The answer is a definite yes. All it requires is discipline and determination.

If you really think about it, a lot of times when we spend too much money, it is because we are bored or restless and spending money is a way to alleviate this feeling of angst. Although, I am a woman, I definitely think that this malady affects women more than men after observing my mother and I post myriad wasteful shopping expeditions.

First of all, let’s consider the necessities. Maybe, if we plan our menus better, we would not end up wasting money on food which ends up rotting in the refrigerator because we just bought too much. I think this happens to everyone. Buying loads of stuff and shoving it into the far end of the fridge and then discovering its existence only after it has passed its shelf life.

I think another way to save money is to leave our credit cards at home and take cash when we go out shopping. When we carry a credit card, we always tend to overspend because psychologically we convince ourselves that a credit card is an endless source of money. Limit your credit card to certain occasions such as when you have planned (after careful consideration) to buy something expensive like some gadget or when entertaining at an expensive restaurant and you can’t be caught in an embarrassing situation.

Make your spending planned and not spontaneous. For instance if some clothes or some gadget really catches your fancy, don’t just grab it right away. Go home and think about it whether you really need it. Chances are you wont. If you really need it, then come back the next day and make your transaction.

If you really want to save money, then always think about what you need instead of want and must have. For more advice on financial planning visit or or call 650-328-1000 to speak to a live agent or email

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How Car Insurance Helps You

Trying to find a person who admits to being a bad driver is next to impossible. Everyone one thinks they are good, if not great, behind the wheel. But even if you are as good a driver as you think you are, that does not mean that you will not be involved in a car accident. There are three main causes of car accidents – operator error, error by another driver and circumstances beyond your control. You are in control only of the first.  Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time and having auto insurance is the only way to protect yourself, your family and others who may be injured, from the financial consequences of the accident. But there is more to it than simple auto collision insurance which covers your car and you. There are lots of other options available including:

  • Uninsured motorist
  • Under insured motorist
  • Comprehensive
  • Business auto insurance
  • Towing and labor costs
  • Rental reimbursement
  • And more

Which type of auto insurance policy you need, what it should include and how much your coverage should be is something that an experienced insurance broker like Allied Brokers will be able to tell you. Balancing risks with costs to get customers the kind of affordable car insurance they need is something that the Bay Area insurance brokerage has been doing for 50 years. Allied represents the leading insurance companies and they will find you the insurance policy you need, at a price you can afford. To find out more about the types of coverage available and the discounts you may be entitled to, click on You can even ask for an quote online. And the company’s reps will be happy you meet with you to discuss your specific needs and guide you in choosing the policy that is best for you. To learn about the full range of insurance service that the company offers, go to or call (650) 328-1000.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Health Insurance advice for Individuals

When we are young and carefree, boring topics like health and sickness are as far away from our thoughts as possible and are supposed to be the exclusive preserve of the very old.  We don’t even think that our parents can ever be sick or old but alas nature or life has other plans and as time goes by the unpalatable truth dawns upon us.

We are mortals and mortals are well, not immortal and can get sick which is not necessarily when we are old.
There is an old proverb which goes thus, “sickness comes in haste, and goes at leisure”.

Yes, ill health unfortunately does not come announced and thanks to the increasingly polluted world that we live in and eat food that is contaminated with chemicals more often than not, a lot of us are susceptible to ill-health even when we are young and carefree.

This brings me to another proverb attributed to the German writer, Bertolt Brecht, “you don't need to pray to God any more when there are storms in the sky, but you do have to be insured”.

Common sense dictates that healthy eating and regular exercise should be the norm. This would delay the onset of illness as much as possible and even boost our immunity levels so that if we were to fall sick, our bodies will have the ability to fight the illness with a great deal of vigour.

But, there is one more precaution necessary and that is health insurance.

Spiralling medical costs have ensured that hospitalisation is a financially draining affair that few of us can afford. So, its best to be prepared for any eventuality and health insurance will be a step forward in that direction.  So, god forbid, if you have the misfortune to be hospitalized at any time in your life, you will be spared a great deal of mental trauma if you can rest assured that your medical bills will not come back to haunt you.

For information on health covers, visit or mail your query to and a representative from Allied Brokers will get back to you.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Careful About Health Insurance Discounts

The problem with health insurance is that if you or someone in your family does not fall sick for a year, the money paid as premiums appears to have gone up in smoke. It’s only when you have expensive medical bills to pay that you realize how important health insurance is. Obviously no one wants to pay more for health insurance than they have to and maximizing the health insurance discounts available makes a lot of sense. But this needs to be done with care, because without the proper guidance, of the kind that Allied Brokers provides, the discounts can limit your insurance coverage. In some states running a home business will offer you considerable savings because you may be eligible for the kind of low rates that are offered to large businesses. All you need is to show a few people on the payroll. These employees can be part time and can include adult family members.  Those premiums for those who are self-employed are often tax deductible. Even those who are employed may be able to benefit from tax breaks if the employer’s health insurance plan offers a flexible spending account. Another way to reduce insurance rates is to opt for an HMO, but the lower rate that HMOs offer comes with restrictions on the doctors and hospitals you can use.

There are ways to save money but some of them may limit your health insurance coverage, often without your realizing it. Allied Brokers is a full service insurance brokerage with over 50 years of experience in health property, possessions, businesses and life. The company’s reputation has been built on the fact that it represents the leading insurance companies of the country, the range of insurance products it offers and its dedication to customer service. The focus is not just on providing customers with insurance, but on ensuring that they get the insurance the need and at costs they can afford. To learn more about the services available, click on For information on the specifics of health insurance click on or call (650) 328-1000. Maximizing your coverage and minimizing your expenditure has never been so easy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Managing A Small Business Is Not Easy

Owning a small business is not a walk in the park. The problems you face may seem small in comparison to those faced by GE, GM and other corporate megaliths. And while they may discuss issues in terms of billions of dollars and your problems involve thousands, every decision you make and action you take has the same impact on your business and its future as the billion dollar ones. In fact, the pressure is even more because in the case of a small business, every action of yours has a direct impact on you, your family and those who work for you. You don’t have the buffers and financial support that the big boys do to cover the risks they take.

You know your business best and are an expert at running it. You know the risks. But evaluating the costs and consequences of loss is not easy. And what about the factors you can’t control? Fire, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters are not risks. These do not occur as a consequence of any decision you make or actions you take. These are dangers, completely out of your control. The US Small Business Administration advises all business owners to discuss their insurance needs with an insurance broker. The broker will be able to not just help you evaluate the costs and consequences of calamities and claims – many of which may not even have occurred to you - but will be able to offer you a range of insurance options and guide you in finding the most secure and cost effective solutions.

Insurance brokers need to be qualified and licensed which may make the choice of an insurance broker seem simple. But some brokers are more equal than others. At Allied Brokers, we have been serving the insurance needs of the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding regions for over 50 years. In this half century we have dealt with the business, property, life, auto, health and other insurance needs of businesses and people with just about every type of insurance need. That amount of experience, coupled with our focus on understanding our clients and offering them the insurance products that best serve them, has given us the reputation for client service we are proud of.

Call us on (650) 328-1000 and learn what personalized service is all about. We will make things simple for you and give you the best and most cost effective insurance solutions for your business or other needs. You can email us at Why not go to our website at and have a look at our full range of services? You can ask for a free quote or use the Online Contact Form to tell us of what you are looking for, or your insurance concerns. We’ll get back to you within one working day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dog Liability Insurance – A serious issue

Being an owner of a pet, especially a dog is a rewarding experience. Being man’s best friend, dogs are part of every family and share a special bond with each member. A good pet owner is someone who is responsible for his pet and for the society as a dog being an animal may exert certain type of behavior that could pose a serious threat to people around, especially children in your own neighborhood. Situations may occur which the owner might not be prepared for like a dog bite. Canines attacking strangers and bystanders are situations that are few of the most dangerous and risky stray incidents. These risky situations can never be entirely foreseen or avoided and this is when dog liability insurance comes to the rescue of pet owners. Its surprising that dog liability insurance isn’t a serious topic among people as almost five million canine bites happen each year. Almost one thousand people are treated in emergency rooms each day for this very incident. Yet canine owners are more likely to spend money on designer leashes and rawhides rather on indemnity protection that might allow them to keep their house in case they are sued. Owning a pooch can be a joy, but dog liability insurance better be on the list of priorities if there is any question about your pet passing Miss Manner's class.

The question you need to ask is if your homeowner insurance policy comes equipped with dog liability that allows you to safeguard yourself and others in your own neighborhood. Carefully review your master policy to see what's covered as there may be gray areas where you would require extra coverage. If you would like to apply for dog liability insurance with the best rates and privileges, you can contact Allied Brokers at (650) 328-1000. Their corporate website also provides a wealth of information for those looking to customize their insurance policy to suit their budget plan. Allied Brokers is an insurance brokerage company with over 50 years of experience in property, possessions, businesses and life. Their aim is not just to sell you insurance, but to provide you with the coverage and protection you need. All their clients will have access to a full range of insurance product options and will be able to find the ones that meet their needs best. They provide insurance policies for commercial properties, businesses, homes, automobiles, medical care, retirement planning, and special interests.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CEA aims to improve value, affordability of California Earthquake Insurance

Many Americans who live in quake prone areas choose to go without insurance, reasoning that remote risks is not worth the cost of pricey, limited coverage. The decision not to buy appropriate earthquake insurance isn’t always conscious. They choose to gamble with their valuable asset thinking that the risk quotient remains low. Insurance is best used to protect against uncommon but financially devastating events, and natural disasters certainly do qualify. Thanks to a recently adopted building code, Californians might have more reason to modernize their homes to better withstand a major earthquake. The standard, approved in August by the state Building Standards Commission is the first step for people to take the steps to reinforce their most valuable asset, according to Glenn Pomeroy, president and CEO of the California Earthquake authority.

There's no doubt that residents need encouragement in protecting their asset against the risks of a major earthquake. The take-up rate for homeowner’s earthquake insurance policies is about 12 percent, meaning that some homes in the Golden State are uninsured for earthquakes, according to CEA data. “In terms of protecting one's individual home, one's main asset in one's life, California is woefully unprepared for the next big earthquake” Pomeroy had emphasized. There is also a 99 percent chance of a 6.7 magnitude or greater earthquake striking California in the next 30 years. Meanwhile, the CEA is pursuing additional avenues, by trying to improve the value and affordability of earthquake insurance policies. They are also currently offering a 5 percent discount on earthquake insurance policies to people who have successfully completed a mitigation project on their home.

Home owners may forego their insurance for the simple reason that a policy might be expensive with limited coverage or the notion that the government will help out. The truth is that the government may be not be in a position to help as the President has to declare a major disaster before the Federal Emergency Management Agency can step in to help. Even if the damage is limited, that might not happen - even if you personally suffer a catastrophic loss. This is the time for a reality check before deciding for your home’s and family’s future. You can start by investing in mitigation, weighing the potential risks and determining if your area is quake prone.

Any kind of insurance policy must be evaluated by an expert, to ensure that the optimum blend of coverage and premiums is achieved. This is the kind of service that Allied Brokers, a California based insurance brokerage with a 50 year track record, provides clients the kind of insurance coverage they need. Allied Brokers represents over a dozen insurers, offering you the benefit of price and coverage comparison when it comes to selecting the right homeowner insurance policy. If you're thinking about earthquake, flood, umbrella or renters insurance, they can help you find the coverage that works best for you and your budget.

To know if you qualify, call Allied Brokers at 650.529.8564 or visit their corporate website at for more information. Allied Brokers is a full-service insurance brokerage company that offers the best insurance policies at the right market price. Founded in 1954, they provide insurance products throughout California and several other states in America. They have insurance policies and services for any of your insurance needs, which include: auto, homeowners, apartments, condominiums, earthquake, flood, renters, business, health, life, collectibles and estate planning. They offer expert advice and knowledge on extended coverages and have established long-standing partnerships with the most reputable insurers and client referrals. They will treat you like an individual and not just another business dealing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When the Government Owes You

Every tax payer wonders where the money he hands over to the government is going. And most feel that what they get in return for their taxes is not enough. The feeling that the government owes us is a common one. But let’s face it, taxes are not going to get lower. And except for the occasional income tax refund, once taxes are paid, the money is gone. So how do you get back some of what the government owes you? Have you thought about municipal bonds?

These are debt instruments issued by state and local governments. It may sound like another way of giving money to the government, but it’s not. You are not giving your money, but loaning it. And you get it back with interest. In most cases, the interest you earn is exempt for federal taxes. With municipal bonds, you are not just supporting your government, but will make a profit by doing so. It’s true that the interest you earn may be lower than other investment options, but that is balanced out by the security that these bonds offer and the tax exemption. You can redeem these bonds at any time prior to maturity, if you need the money, although there is a risk that fluctuating market conditions may affect the redemption value negatively. Integrating municipal bonds into your financial planning is a good option and enables you to get back a bit of what the government owes you. At Allied Brokers we will help you to plan your insurance coverage and investments to maximize your coverage and protect your financial future. Contact us for all your retirement planning, estate planning and life, business, home and health insurance needs. We have been serving the needs of Santa Clara residents and businesses for over 50 years and we have done this by understanding our clients’ needs and offering them the benefit of our experience to enable them to plan their financial futures. Visit to learn more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Liability Insurance That Has You Covered

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has been in the news lately after a car accident. The other person involved threatened to sue her. The matter has now been settled and she has been found to be not at fault. But if thing had gone the other way, she may have been liable to a big claim, partly because she is so rich and famous. The rest of us, who do not fall in the celebrity category may think that we are safe from this happening. But it is not so.

The thing about accidents is that it is often difficult to pinpoint where the blame lies and it is human nature to have a bias towards the injured party. The sight of a person injured by your car, or while visiting your home or office and the story of lost income etc. can often cause the claim to be decided in their favor, even if you are not at fault. And the claims against you are not going to be limited by your assets or earning potential. The damages could by huge – six figures or more. Your only protection from financial ruin is liability insurance. With life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, business insurance and other insurance policies that we have, the need for a liability coverage is often overlooked. A liability claim can be made at any time and even if you are not at fault, the case could go against you. At Allied Brokers, we know that insurance can become a complicated subject. That’s why we go out of our way to keep things simple. We will be happy to meet with you and review your existing insurance coverage and suggest ways to optimize it and where you need more coverage. We will work with you to provide the most cost effective insurance solutions. You may not be a movie star but you can still be hit by a huge liability claim. We’ll help you to stay protected. Visit our website to learn more.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Health care could cost how much?

My friend’s husband who is in his sixties had been complaining about a nagging backache for the last couple of months which had been becoming progressively worse. After many sessions of acupressure treatments, massages and physiotherapy, there was no light at the end of the tunnel and the pain just seemed to be getting worse. It was all a mystery. Now, the weekly sessions of his beloved golf had come to an end and he was laid up in bed most of the time.

Well, after the backache refused to subside, it was decided to go in for a scan. The result was a complete shock to everyone. We had been more or less certain that it was osteoporosis. In fact, I had read an article about backaches in Readers Digest which said that one of the reasons for backaches could be osteoporosis. I kept prodding them to go in for an osteoporosis check. But no, it was far worse. Multiple Myeloma or bone cancer in layman’s terms was the horrifying diagnosis. It was in the secondary stage and the doctors said that it would probably have started two years back.

Well, life throws up unexpected surprises, some pleasant and some are cruel. We just have to take everything in our stride, pick up the pieces and get on with it. So, now was not the time to be depressed but the talk now centred around alternative therapies like stem cell treatments, the radiation therapy which has begun and the costs involved. Yes, all of a sudden, when you least expect, you can be slapped in the face with exorbitant healthcare costs. If you are not prepared or if you are not financially secure, your life savings can be wiped away in an instant. Health insurance can cushion you to a great degree in situations like these.

Call Allied Brokers at (650) 328-1000 for a chat with their representative. Visit for an in depth understanding of the health insurance covers offered.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why investing is different for a small business owner

Given a choice, most of us would probably not like to work for any one else. The idea of having one’s own business is a tempting thought. However those who have never owned a small business would also not be aware of the kinds of pitfalls that a small business owner has to contend with at every step along the way.  I have a friend who started a garment export business from scratch on her very own and I have seen the stress written all over her face. Yes, she has a lovely apartment and money is no constraint for all the necessities of life and some luxuries too but money does not come easy. It is hard work all along the away. Small business owners are also constrained in many other ways unlike big corporates.

Take investment for instance. As veterans from this field will tell you, caution is the key because at the end of the day, the risks are much more amplified than for the average investor. 

To maintain sustainable growth, there is no room for speculation here and restraint is the order of the day. It may sound boring but a small business owner needs consistent and predictable returns. One wrong move and a life’s hard work can be wiped out forever.

One precaution that a small business owner must never do without is commercial general liability which acts as a shield for small business owners against risks such as property damage, business interruption, theft, liability, and worker injuries. Going without commercial general liability cover would be foolish and a huge risk.

If any small business owner is looking for commercial insurance cover, I suggest that they contact Allied brokers at (650) 328-1000 who will send one of their representatives over for a discussion and do visit

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

There’s still time to save on 2010 taxes

All good times have to end someday and so it was with Bob Guccionne, the infamous founder of the men’s magazine Penthouse who succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 79. The iconic publisher was listed in the Forbes 400 ranking of the wealthiest people with a net worth of about $400 million in 1982 and under his stewardship as publisher Penthouse was estimated to have earned $4 billion.

However the path was not strewn with roses all along the way and a slew of ill-advised investments coupled with the arrival of the Internet as a formidable competitor were the twin elements that led to his downward spiral and ultimately the sale of his company, art collection and the Manhattan mansion. 

So, what is the moral of the story? Well, maybe sometimes it is easy to make a lot of money because you were at the right place at the right time. However, to sustain wealth, what you really need is common sense and the ability to recognize the genuine investment advisors from the charlatans who will tempt you to throw away your hard earned money.

So make your investments and tax planning only after careful deliberations with reputed advisors and eschew the temptation to make hasty speculative decisions.

By the way, there is still time to save on 2010 taxes and speaking of careful investing for the future, did you know that Allied brokers besides selling various kinds of insurance, also help plan for a comfortable retirement. If you plan your retirement well, you need not compromise on the lifestyle you are accustomed to, in the pre retirement years.

Call (650) 328-1000 for a chat with an agent and do visit  which will give you a fair idea of what Allied Brokers is offering.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don’t let a good thing get away!

According to Shakespeare ‘There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads onto fortune”. Yes, whenever you come across an opportunity, whether it is a clothes sale or the chance to make a really good investment or come across a really good deal for that house you had been wanting to sell for a long time, don’t procrastinate, take advantage of that opportunity, grab the deal without delay.

I have seen a lot of people hanging onto a property as they keep hoping for a better deal and ultimately they lose a good buyer. Procrastination never did anyone any good although that does not mean that you do not make informed decisions. Make sure your advisors are seasoned with a formidable reputation in the market but don’t let a good thing get away.

This could also apply to good insurance policies available in the market. Grab these deals while you are still eligible for a cover.

Take for instance umbrella insurance which is a liability insurance policy that protects the assets and future income of the policyholder, above and beyond the standard limits set on their primary home policies. This is a really useful cover and I recommend that everyone make it a part of their financial portfolio.

To find out more, you can contact Allied Brokers at (650)328-1000 who can send their representative over to explain the finer points of this cover. You could also visit

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

It’s odd that one of one of the biggest fears among homeowners is that of fire damaging or destroying their homes. It’s not that fire is not dangerous or that it cannot reduce a home to ashes, but that it is not the most common source of home damage. Recent studies have shown that water is nearly 10 times more likely to damage a home than fire. While there are innumerable articles and websites dealing with the subject of protecting a home from fire, there are far less on the subject of preventing water damage. Of course, a home insurance policy will cover water damage, but prevention is always better than repair. The danger with water damage is that it often starts small and goes on unnoticed for a long time until the damage has assumed serious proportions. Your homeowners insurance will pay for the repairs, but nothing will save you from the hassles and disruption to your home that the repairs will cause.

At Allied Brokers we aim to make life easier for our clients. We will work with you to provide you the kind of home insurance coverage you need, so that should water or any other type of damage occur, you are protected. But while we will provide you with financial protection, we know that repairs can be a pain. So here are some tips that should help you to stop the problem from arising. Bathroom leaks are easy to spot, but these are areas that are often overlooked.

  • Check the drain lines on your air conditioning units
  • Check your washing machine hoses regularly end even if there are no leaks, replace them every 5 years
  • Check behind your refrigerator every few months for ice machine connections that may be leaking
  • Check for leaking plumbing around water heaters. If possible shift the installation to areas with flood drains.
At Allied Brokers, not only will be provide you with the right homeowners insurance coverage, we will help you to ensure that the possibilities of making a claim are minimized. Go to to learn more.

Save With Life Insurance

Most people look at life insurance as a means to protect their families from financial difficulties in the event of their deaths and the consequent loss of income. The quantum of insurance that is taken that is taken is usually based on the expected future financial needs of the family and may be limited by the amount of premium that can be paid. The problem with this concept of insurance, known as Term Life Insurance, is that at the end of each policy period, if the insured person is still alive, the money paid as premiums is gone. While Term Policies are the most popular form of life insurance, it will be wise to look at Universal Life Insurance as a means of providing financial protection to a family while at the same time adding to your savings.
The insurance premiums for Universal Life will be higher than at of a Term policy of the same value. In the case of the death of the insured, the insured amount will be given to the nominees, just as with the Term Policy. But unlike a Term Policy, in the case of a Universal Policy, if the insured survives the policy period, the amount paid as premiums along with accumulated interest, is given back to the insured. Additionally, a Universal Policy offers the benefits of flexible payment terms and premium amounts and well as allowing the policy holder to borrow or withdraw from any available cash value. A Universal Life Insurance policy is not for everyone – it depends on the family’s financial position, savings and assets. It’s best to get expert guidance when deciding on the type of insurance you should take. At Allied Brokers, we have been helping our clients find the right insurance for their needs for over 50 years. Call us at (650) 328-1000 or email and we’ll be happy to talk to you, understand your insurance needs and advise you on what is best for you. Visit our website to learn about the range of insurance products we offer. Or click here to ask for a free quote.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Problems With Man’s Best Friend

If you are a dog lover, there is nothing that can come between you and your pooch. You also know that dogs are not “dumb” animals and they have personalities and minds of their own. That’s why even the best behaved of dogs can sometimes get it into its head that it’s time to go and bite someone, often for reasons that a human cannot fathom. And while a dog bite can be painful for the person bitten, the problems for you can be far worse. You are liable for the actions of your dog and a person who is bitten can sue you. And the damages can, and often are, seemingly out of all proportion to the injury caused. In 2009, dog bite claims cost the insurance industry $412 million. That’s an increase of over 6% on the previous year. Since it is unlikely that dogs are becoming more ferocious, it seems to indicate that the size of the damages being awarded is increasing.

 At Allied Brokers we understand dog lovers. That’s why we can offer you personal liability insurance and other types of insurance coverage to protect you from the dangers of large financial loss if Rover suddenly gets it into his head to taste someone’s leg. Visit our website to find out about the range of insurance policies we have for you and ask for a quote. Our experts will be happy to work with you to get you exactly the type of insurance you need, whether it is to protect you from the financial consequences of your four legged friend’s antics or from any of the other myriad vicissitudes of life. Or just phone us at (650) 328-1000 or email

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Auto insurance Is Not Enough

You can’t take your car out on the road if you don’t have at least the minimum insurance coverage mandated by law. And since your car is such a valuable possession and is subject to such risk of damage or loss by the actions of others, you insure your car so that you are compensated should anything happen to it. That’s all well and good, but what happens if you injure a third party in an accident that is your fault? You may be the best driver going, but everyone makes mistakes and yours could hurt someone. And that could cost you big time.

Look at it this way. Suppose you were seriously injured in a car accident for no fault of yours and could never walk again. Most auto insurance policies offer a maximum of $250,000 of bodily injury coverage. Would that kind of compensation satisfy you? No way – you would demand, and probably get, far more. Now reverse the roles – do you think your car insurance liability coverage is enough to protect you from possible financial ruin if you cause an accident? What you need is umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance coverage sits on top of your existing insurance policies and protects you from claims in excess of what those policies cover. It’s the best and most cost effective way of getting the kind of additional insurance you need to protect you from auto and other liability claims. At Allied Brokers we don’t just sell insurance, we work with our clients to understand their coverage needs and provide them with the kind of coverage that is best for them. Call us at (650) 328-1000 or mail and we’ll be happy to meet with you to talk about your umbrella and other insurance needs. Visit our website to read about our full range of services. You can use the online contact form to get in touch with us.